Angler is a unique platform world called $Angler , $Angler our tokenomics of current frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards are literally out of this world. Additional benefits of lightening quick staking, guaranteeing the best rewards Angler can provide without any token inflation for our MARVELous holders.


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Scalability concerns on Ethereum are real and are legitimate. For real adaption to occur from normies we cannot expect anyone new to crypto to pay $40 to over $100 per tx. In addition, our liquidity thor hammering techniques makes it imperative that we launch on a chain with low fees. Therefore we have chosen Binance Smart Chain to launch Angler project

Opening words

Wow. This has been a wild ride. So much so that it is breathtakingly difficult to explain just what kind of history we have achieved here. As some say, “few know, even fewer understand.”

As a core group of three people with a vision to bring the first truly decentralized, deflationary passive yield farming protocol, we never imagined to get to this level of growth. This is truly something to celebrate! We want to congratulate everyone who participated in our “ACE” (“Absorber Creation Event”) because without you, we wouldn’t be decentralized, and we likely wouldn’t even exist. …

Angler — a game-changing innovative and experimental DeFi protocol

Important things to know about how $angler works :
1. Because the protocol core function does not primarily use any staking contracts, there is no potential for it to be bugged or exploited.
2. The protocol does not allow anyone — even its owner — to send any of the smart contract’s tokens out because the function simply does not exist.
3. The protocol automatically distributes rewards to you without you needing to pay any gas fees to claim them.
4. By using the Passive Yield Farming function only, there will be no impermanent losses because you do not need to add liquidity with…

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